The British Woodworking Federation Group

Accredited General Access Stairs

Scheme Level B: Covers Multiple Occupancy Dwellings, Use Type 2 & 3, Common Flights as defined in the Building Regulations.

A timber stair that is not within a private dwelling can be described in different ways. Definitions given in BS 5395-1, BS 6100 and BS EN 14076 apply, together with the following definitions, classifying stairs into the Type 2:  Stairs within communal areas of blocks of flats or buildings, other than type 1, not subject to crowds. And, Type 3:  Stairs in all other buildings including hotels, motels.

Scheme Requirements

Stairs must be constructed in a prescriptive fashion to comply with the relevant technical standards and regulations OR,

Stairs must be tested to the relevant standards OR,

Stairs Performance must be predicted in accordance with calculation standards or designed by a suitably qualified Structural Engineer and manufactured to these designs

Scheme Members will provide product specifications and/or test evidence to the auditor. Any changes must be submitted and assessed before implementation.

See the BWF Stair Scheme Design Guide 2 – Common Timber Stairs for further information.

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